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Life has a way of coming at us fast, and when it does, we’re usually left searching for answers.

That’s where Patti Montella found herself early in life after the death of a beloved friend and the unraveling of her marriage—seeking the universal truths of life.

Becoming Unshakeable is an accounting of some of the twists, turns, and hurdles Patti encountered on her journey, along with the astounding spiritual revelations that unveiled themselves along the way. There were many times when her faith on the path was shaken to the core. What she now knows in hindsight is that those were the precise moments that awakened her to the part of herself that is unshakable.



About the Author

PATTI MONTELLA has been a pioneer, risk taker, and leader her entire life. She built a thriving corporate career on the cutting-edge of travel technology before leaving it all behind to dedicate her life to uplifting society. The skills she sharpened in the business world have served her well as an international speaker and inner transformation coach who’s taught tens of thousands of people worldwide how to access more happiness, peace of mind and dynamism in life —from CEOs and government leaders to royalty and college students—over the past twenty-five years. Through her work in key leadership roles with the Art of Living Foundation and the International Association for Human Values, Patti has become an internationally recognized happiness expert and a powerful agent of change. When she isn’t traveling and teaching, Patti can be found hiking in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where she lives.


Early Endorsements

“Patti Montella is a powerful storyteller. She masterfully weaves her path of awakening with practical spiritual tools to assist us all in remembering who we are. This book is a must-read.”

—Cynthia James, bestselling author, speaker, coach

“In a chaotic world full of uncertainty, Patti Montella is an oasis in a desert. The breathing and meditation practices she teaches are powerful in reducing the high levels of anxiety and chronic stress so many people suffer today, including healthcare professionals. Her book, Becoming Unshakeable, illumines the path for anyone searching for greater happiness, balance, and peace of mind.”

—Gloria Richard-Davis, MD, MBA, NCMP, FACOG University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS)

“Patti Montella’s warmth pours out of these gentle yet guiding words of wisdom. It’s not a coincidence that the word “unshakeable” is in the title of her book. While telling you about her personal journey to becoming unshakable, she teaches the reader how to become unshakable as well. Wit and wisdom combined with experience equal a powerful read that will change your life.”

—Tamara Banks, Emmy Award-winning journalist and independent filmmaker

“Patti Montella was committed to changing her life in order to reach for the highest and the best. Through the guidance and teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, she has experienced what it means to be transformed mentally and spiritually. She followed the path of compassion and kindness first to herself and then through her efforts to teach others. This required a holistic approach to living—spirit, mind, and body. Her testimony of her journey to wholeness will give you insights into your own personal journey. I recommend this book to all who are seekers of self-change.”

—Dr. Barbara King, global spiritual leader

“It is possible to be vulnerable yet brave, joyful yet authentic, and intelligent yet innocent all at the same time? Yes, it is—and Patti Montella is proof! If you want to exhibit all of these characteristics yourself, do yourself a favor and read her excellent book, Becoming Unshakeable.”

—Dr. Raj Raghunathan, Zale Centennial professor of business, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin, Author of If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy?

“A book with pearls of wisdom to live by! At a time when the world is facing extraordinary challenges, Patti Montella’s book, Becoming Unshakeable, offers a sound approach for winning over our own mind and emotions as individuals and as leaders, in our collective vision toward realizing a happier and healthier society.”

—Sanjay Pradhan, chief executive officer, Open Government Partnership

“Becoming Unshakeable, Patti Montella’s powerful story of personal transformation, entertains, educates, and inspires! Written in a lively, conversational tone, this book provides practical wisdom for living life to our highest potential—as well as a rare glimpse behind the scenes of what it’s like to work and travel with one of the most renowned spiritual leaders of our time. Highly recommended!”

—Carol Kline, co-author of six books in the New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, Happy for No Reason, and Love for No Reason

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